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Berlin calling


This amazing Berlin apartment is the ultimate bachelor pad. We can easily just pack our luggage and move in without changing anything.

‘It is very masculine with mostly dark grey walls and ceilings and beautiful oak flooring. The apartment and styling pays homage to Berlin and it’s creative diversity with quirky details on display everywhere and the different textures from raw to polished wood, black leather and shiny steel add to the sumptuous effect.’

79ideas-berlin-dramatic-apartment  79ideas-bedroom-ideas

Steve-Herud-Aptm-Berlin-Mitte-via-Stylejuicer-05 Steve-Herud-Aptm-Berlin-Mitte-via-Stylejuicer-06 Steve-Herud-Aptm-Berlin-Mitte-via-Stylejuicer-09 Steve-Herud-Aptm-Berlin-Mitte-via-Stylejuicer-10 Steve-Herud-Aptm-Berlin-Mitte-via-Stylejuicer-11 Steve-Herud-Aptm-Berlin-Mitte-via-Stylejuicer-12 Steve-Herud-Aptm-Berlin-Mitte-via-Stylejuicer-13 Steve-Herud-Aptm-Berlin-Mitte-via-Stylejuicer-14 Steve-Herud-Aptm-Berlin-Mitte-via-Stylejuicer-15


Interior and styling by Annabell Kutucu
photography by Steve Herud


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